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May 20, 2020 by Patrick S. on Innovative hearing Solutions 

During the pandemic my hearing aids failed. I was in a panic!!! I called the office and spoke with Esther, who told me to come in, stay in my car and she would help me. I arrived, called the office, Esther came down, took my devices and within ten minutes I was back able to hear again. 

Thank you so much!

May 11, 2020 by Roberta on Innovative Hearing Solutions

My dad is a 99 year old world war II vet.  Recently he lost two pairs of hearing aids within 6 weeks. The VA will give vets two pairs during a four period. Hence, my need for a local Audiologist.

During this very difficult time everyone at Innovative Hearing Solutions worked quickly and very efficiently to get my dad a new pair! 

Many thanks to Debbie, Donna and Esther!

Nov 8, 2019 by Martin S. on Innovative Hearing Solutions

I’ve been wearing the hearing aids consistently and it’s a revelation. But the real test came this morning. My greatest difficulties had been conference rooms, offices, and restaurants. This is where I do most of my business. I had a board meeting in a big conference room this morning where even people close to me were hard to hear. Guess what?


Oct 24, 2019 by Judy Y. on Innovative Hearing Solutions

I highly recommend Innovative Hearing Solutions. Dr. Szabo is the best audiologist I have ever had help me. My new hearing aids have made such a positive improvement in my life. Dr. Szabo’s staff is very kinds and professional and also DeAnna is always willing to help at the front desk. I’m so glad I came to see Dr. Scherl who helped me find Dr. Szabo.

Oct 10, 2019 by K.D. on Innovative Hearing Solutions

I absolutely love Dr. Szabo and the care and compassionate she showed and her staff is also top notch. They’ve been with me through this new chapter of my life, answering all my questions at every step. The hearing aids are phenomenal. I can talk on my phone and listen to music on them as well as hear in crowded places and am hearing even the slightest sounds now.

Oct 10, 2019 by Laura S on Innovative Hearing Solutions

I’m not sure how to leave a review but I am so happy with the care I received from Dr. Esther Park! She addressed all of my concerns in a very efficient way and found the perfect solution to my one sided deafness. She is the first audiologist I have ever been to who has not tried to immediately sell me new hearing aids. She was very responsive and had my best interests at heart. Your office staff is also great, I am so pleased with Innovative Hearing Solutions and am grateful to you.

Jan 3, 2019 by Donna Z on Innovative Hearing Solutions

These new hearing aids that are paired with Bluetooth are amazing. You can now hear your cell phone ring even if you are not in close proximity to it. the TV feature to stream sound through the hearing aids is unbelievable. You can actually have the TV volume off. I find being able to listen to music without headphones is one of my favorite features. I have been wearing hearing aids for 10 years already and always see Donna Szabo. She is always professional, helpful and sees you at the time of your appointment. I highly recommend Innovative Hearing solutions and Donna Szabo!
Before my ninety year old mother received her new hearing aids, she was unable to carry on a conversation and was often confused and distraught.But, what a difference a hearing aid makes! When Dr. Donna Szabo inserted her new hearing aids, there was an immediate change. My mother was able to answer questions and speak coherently. My family was amazed and overjoyed! Our mom was able to converse, and enjoy her audiobooks and television programs once again. A grand daughter even remarked, "I can't believe the change in Grandma!" Thanks to Dr. Szabo and all the personal at Innovative Hearing for making life so much better for my mom. You have all been so caring and supportive, and certainly have made such a difference!
Dr. Donna Szabo's testing, fitting and adjustments to me new aids was effective, efficient and ultra professional. Subsequent visits to tweak and refine settings and programs were quite successful, as she is quite intuitive and fully understood my input and what I was requesting. This was a really positive experience and she is a top notch professional.

Having resisting the idea of hearing aids for several years I finally decided to give them a try. It has been six months since I purchased these and they truly have been love changing. I can hear conversations without asking people to repeat - I can hear dialogue in movies and just everyday interactions they have been a Godsend. Dr. Szabo has been wonderful throughout the experience, explaining anything I've asked. The office staff has also been very supportive.

I must say that Dr. Scherl recommended the Lyric hearing aid and it changed my life. The doctors and staff here are more then helpful and professional. I am at the office often and am always treated well - cared for

Hi Donna,
Inquiring about hearing aids with Bluetooth capability Donna Szabo recommended Phonak aids able to stream wirelessly from my TV and phone systems. The device works great. A small neckless hangs under my shirt that sets volume, background noise & connectivity to a paired TV, cell phone or any other Bluetooth compatible device. Cell phone connections thru the neckless direct to my ears. I hear every word and no one else detects any sound. The TV link is a small device that sits next to a TV connected to an audio jack. Others in the room control sound at any level they want. I stream sound directly to my ears and control my own volume. I can also hit the control button to turn it off and listen the normal way.

I am pleased to have found this technology for my hearing aids, it works great.

Thank you Donna Szabo.

Thank You!

My hearing loss goes back to a single incident nearly 50 years ago, working for about 12 minutes performing a maintenance task on a jet aircraft which had engines running at low idle (about 9000 rpm). The worst of the loss is at high frequencies.

My hearing took nearly 40 years of gradual deterioration before I decided to use hearing aids, the type which Dr. Szabo suggested and fitted very well. They made a remarkable difference and I was pleased to use them for about 7 years.

While my current audiogram is not greatly different from 7 years ago, I found more and more situations where those hearing aids were not ideal; noisy restaurants or large gatherings of talkative people or entertainment programs where debate becomes active enough that people talk over each other. Their voices become muddled and difficult to separate. Another frequent annoyance was outdoor activities in the wind. Those first hearing aids didn't have much of a wind program. In fact, they indiscriminately amplified wind. I should also mention language learning. Its one thing to try to recognize new vocabulary, but it is much more difficult when certain sounds (s, p, t) are not clearly heard.

Hearing age technology is constantly improving and has made great strides in the 7 years since my first hearing aids. My new Phonak Bolero V90 instruments are simply wonderful. My first response to Dr. Szabo was, "The world's a lot noisier now." As I left her office after the first fitting, I heard song birds not heard for a long time, and as I walked to the car the wind picked up and the anti-wind program kicked in, nicely quieting that noise. Later that day, a bicycling ride further proved the value of the anti-wind program.

I considered using Phonak's TV accessory and "Comm Pilot" for those hard-to-understand talk shows, but found the hearing aids alone provide such improved fidelity that it is now very much easier to separate voices and understand conversations that were once muddled. As for language learning, I now easily hear all the sounds I need for new vocabulary ... but the hearing aids aren't helping my memory much.

There are a lot of other new sounds in the high frequency ranges that I was missing before, song birds, cicadas, crickets, the crackling of plastic wrappings, more clicking things in mechanical devices, road noise, neighbor's lawn mowers and leaf blowers for miles around, etc. Yes, some might not be welcome, but there's a side effect that is very welcome. All of those sounds serve to overwhelm, and reduce, the 8,800-9,000 Hz tinnitus that has been ever present for over 20 years.

I drive by half a dozen audiologists on my way to Dr. Szabo's office. They're probably good, but Dr. Szabo is outstanding. She listens to her patients, understands, makes excellent recommendations and cheerfully makes whatever adjustments needed to improve our hearing. I find it very easy to end our meetings with one word, "Perfect!"

THANKS, Dr. Szabo for making life better!

Highly Recommended!

I met Dr. Donna Szabo at her NYC office in August 2014. At that point in time I was extremely discouraged and anxious about my hearing. Dr. Donna came highly recommended by my Rolfer, who also has hearing loss, and for whom I have much respect. I was not disappointed! To say the least I was extremely relieved. Dr. Donna's matter-of-fact, gentle manner immediately put me at ease. Her solution of the Lyric hearing device was, and still is amazing. She has been very generous with her time and attention; which I find reassuring. At age 63 I feel I have a brand new life.

My Happy Hearing Story begins with finding Dr. Szabo at Northern Valley ENT, and ends with discovering how wonderful using Lyric Hearing Aids was.

Frustrated and angry about being "hard of hearing,"(and missing a large number of conversations because of it), I finally succumbed to seeking hearing aids. With Dr. Szabo's competent and caring guidance, I rejected all the other hearing aids possibilities as being inconvenient, and not fitting in with my active, busy, and independent lifestyle.

What a FIND Lyric was-I now go about my daily life without even knowing these powerful, effortless, comfortable and invisible devices are helping me to hear again!

I'm so grateful for this "quality of life" tool Lyric has provided to me.......................I want to tell the world.
I had been looking for an invisible hearing solution for quite some time - and when I came across lyric I was willing to fly from Germany to NYC to try it. And it has worked very well - so well, in fact, that I repeated the trip every 3 months for two full years to have my lyrics replaced. Sounds a bit crazy? Maybe, but it was well worth the effort for me. In the meantime, Lyric is available in Germany, so I will continue my treatment there. But the successful start was in Manhattan with Donna, and I cannot thank her enough. I very much enjoyed working with Donna, and it is no exaggeration to say that she (and lyric) helped to change my life dramatically - and for the better.
I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the quality of my new hearing aid purchase, as well as the helpfulness and professionalism of your staff in answering any of my questions/conerns. I want to especially mention that Donna Szabo has been very responsive to my questions/needs in regard to the purchase of the Lyric Hearing aid.